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  • Richard Abbott
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    Mensaje 1 de 1 , 2 abr 2005
      > Mexican Bandit
      > The story is told of a Mexican bandit who robbed a Texas bank of
      > $250,000 
      > and escaped across the river. A month went by and the bandit thought
      > he 
      > was safe. He was celebrating his good fortune at a local cantina, when
      > a 
      > Texas Ranger walked up and dragged him out into the dusty street.
      > After he 
      > realized he had a communication problem, the ranger poked his head
      > back 
      > into the bar: "Anybody here speak English?" he shouted.
      > "I do, senor" came the reply.
      > Then "git over here" the ranger ordered. The conversation between
      > ranger, 
      > translator and bandit started. "Did he rob the bank?" "He did." "Does
      > he 
      > still have the $250,000?" "Yes," again. Then the ranger pulled out his 
      > Colt .45, held the barrel of the gun to the bandit's head and cocked
      > the 
      > trigger. "Make sure he understands this next question real good." the 
      > ranger told the translator. "WHERE'S THE MONEY?"
      > In Spanish the frightened bandit blurted out that the money was hidden
      > in 
      > a waterproof bag at the bottom of the well in the town plaza. The 
      > translator looked up at the ranger: "He says he is not afraid to die,
      > you dirty gringo.''

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