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  • ronthompson58
    Sam put me onto this site and I have enjoyed reading all of the messages. Brings back muchos memorias del pasado. I was one of the Korean vets that the school
    Mensaje 1 de 269 , 2 mar 2001
      Sam put me onto this site and I have enjoyed
      reading all of the messages. Brings back muchos memorias
      del pasado. I was one of the Korean vets that the
      school was beginning to dislike. They were promoting
      WCIM and liked the young innocentes from the midwest.
      We did too! I shared an apartment in the city, first
      on Calle Kant and later on Mariano Escobedo. I
      remember that one of my room mates was from Coos Bay, OR.
      There was also a blond guy from Ohio who ran some
      buenos juegos de poker at his pad where we played till
      the wee hours of the manana. I was a frequent guest
      of "El Acuario" and "La Mosca" due to bad habits
      that I acquired while in the service. I remember our
      rum by the garofon(sp.? cost 35 pesos and a bottle of
      Carta Blanca at el super was only $.04US. Donald Lent,
      who drowned in Acapulco in 1960 was a room mate also
      for awhile. In September while we were on break in
      Acapulco, I got pneumonia and was nursed back to health at
      Radomski's house. He lived with his parents, as his father
      was employed locally. His father was John but I
      cannot remember his first name...maybe someone can jog
      my memory. I do remember the little guy in the beret
      who is R.C. Gorman the famous painter and I also
      remember the guy who came to school on a burro. Nice to
      hear from fellow estudiantes despues tantos anos de no
      oyer nada. Ron Thompson, Naples, FL
    • monikahowell
      I couldn t quite figure out the e-mail address of Tom Ford - but perhaps he will see this message. How are Sally, Pete and Miguelito? How is Ginny, Sally s
      Mensaje 269 de 269 , 11 dic 2007
        I couldn't quite figure out the e-mail address of Tom Ford - but
        perhaps he will see this message. How are Sally, Pete and Miguelito?
        How is Ginny, Sally's sister?? I think she went to Bennington.
        Remember June - you put a lot of indicent pre-columbian art into her
        room when she visited you in Tisbury, Great Pond (Martha's Vinyard.And
        what was the name of that Golden retriever who retrieved all shoes?
        Whatever happened to Fernando Horcasitas?
        Did Perry Duncan have a wife or girlfriend called Meghan?

        --- En mexicocitycollege@..., dr_porath <no_reply@...>
        > --- En mexicocitycollege@..., "fisherford"
        > <tomford@> escribió:
        > > Dear Tom ("Fordsie"), I ran into this chasing something else, and I
        > am wondering if you have made other contacts. There has been a lot of
        > water under the bridge since those days, and I have not been around
        > (on line) very much for various reasons. However, I have been
        > concerned with the direction (not antagonistic) and have been
        > thinking about those who want to get back to talking about the way it
        > was pricipally when we were in the D.F. I have been in contact with
        > Clay Carlson and he was here in Mexico City this past summer for a
        > conference in Baja and traveled to Campeche to be with Willie Folan.
        > Unfortunately I didn't get to see him, but we send quite a lot of
        > time on the phone and with email. He lives on Guam, of course. There
        > have got to be more of our kind out there, and a lot of stories to
        > tell at this point. By the way, do your remember Dr. Walter Carter,
        > and did he do this social service in Ixmiquilpan, you with the vivid
        > memory of that Horcasitas trip (I didn't make that one). Carter died
        > of cancer a year or two ago, in Arizona. His wife should still be in
        > Phoenix. Prescott is still in San Francisco and there should be some
        > way of getting to him. Okey, mostly I wanted to see if you were still
        > out there--by the way, Emilia and I spent a summer in Spain and are
        > thinking of going back--there are direct flights from Mexico now.
        > Make contact if you are still out there--I don't have a private
        > address for you. Best, and Happy Holidays, Mike and Emilia
        > > --- En mexicocitycollege@..., DR_Porath escribió:
        > > >Delighted to have stumbled on this group. The last time I was in
        > > Ixmiquilpan was with Fernando Horcasitas on a field trip. Prescott
        > > and I got lost among the Otomi huts. It was the day after the
        > > Russians launched Sputnik and Prescott was rambling on about being
        > > the citizen of a second rate nation. He was clarvoiant.
        > > Mott De Forest is back living on the Vineyard. I saw him last Feb
        > > and hear from him regularly. I am now living in Spain after several
        > > years in Quatamala and Colombia dealing in pre-colombian art-
        > > something I picked up from Perry Duncan. I dabble in a bit of Roman
        > > and Iberic archeology but mainly help run an academy here in Madrid
        > > where we teach language through theatre. The English Speakers just
        > > put on Bodas De Sangre and the Spanish did a fine job with The
        > Glass
        > > Managerie.. My ex-wife and best friend Sally Ford- also MMCer lives
        > > in Nyack Ny. The children we had who were born in Mexico are
        > verging
        > > of the elderly live in the States.
        > > Again happy to find this site.
        > > Thanks to the founders.
        > > Brings back very fond memories.
        > > Tom Ford
        > >
        > > > ¡Hola del Valle de Mezquital! It's sunny, warm,
        > > > and we have lots of swimming holes nearby--all warm.
        > > > Actually this entire area is being developed into a kind
        > > > of water playland. And the large portion of hot
        > > > water springs are on ejido lands, so communities are
        > > > benefitting. Bueno, pués. Algunos clubes tienen una hora
        > > > denominado como una hora de chat cuando los miembros puedan
        > > > estar en linea para comunicarses entre ellos. ¿Cómo les
        > > > parecen? Due to circumstances, I can't always control my
        > > > hour on line, but for me the best time would be
        > > > between 9 and 10 in the A.M. Should we try that. We will
        > > > call the site (hour) the Fly Trap! How many remember
        > > > the "Fly Trip" across the street from the Hwy. Toluca
        > > > campus? Does anyone remember an extra tall guy from
        > > > Martha's Vineyard named Mott? He was last seen, by me, in
        > > > Los Angeles working as a social worker in Metro
        > > > South. Also, help me get a list of those who lived up
        > > > the hill from the Hwy.Mex-Toluca Campus--Cuajimalpa,
        > > > Contadero, Acopilco. Clayton Carlson and his wife, Paula(?)
        > > > lived in Contadero. He was the one who played the
        > > > violin in the bar on Horcastas' 1957 field trip to
        > > > Papantla. I think he joined the staff at the U. of Hawaii
        > > > later. Also, a "what's his name" had a chicken ranch
        > > > there. Who remember's? In Alcopilco, Perry Duncan,
        > > > (deceased, buried in Australia), and John Kuntz (should
        > > > still be alive in Laguna Beach, CA.)<br>Does anyone
        > > > remember Psych. major Richard Crowley?<br>He lived in
        > > > Cuajimalpa.He blended into the landscape in Chiapas. His
        > > > ex<br>remarried and is alive and well in So. Carolina. And then
        > > > there was writer Bradley Smith (not to be confused with
        > > > Bradley Smith, writer). He and his wife, Ann, lived in
        > > > the house on the square which later exploded due to
        > > > gringo experiments! Bueno, pregunta de la semana! What
        > > > was the name of the pulquería/beer hall in Tacubaya
        > > > where MCC students were filling their bellies on
        > > > botanas while they sipped a single taro of beer? (p.s., I
        > > > don't have the answer, I'm fishing.) Your Líder, Mike.
        > > > pps, Don't miss the photo display courtesy of Sam O.
        > > > under fotos.
        > > >
        > >
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