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Robert Hijar

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  • quinnjm
    Another ex-MCCer, Robert Hijar. He writes: I graduated in June 1964 with a BFA. Yes, I remember Toby and Gunther and also Merle Wachter and others. Wow,
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      Another ex-MCCer, Robert Hijar. He writes: "I graduated in June 1964 with a BFA.
      Yes, I remember Toby and Gunther and also Merle Wachter and others.

      Wow, what a small world. Ah yes, Cuajimalpa, sleepy town along the road. Have you been there lately.......???
      Utterly unrecognizable, I've been told. My last visit to Mexico City was in March 1980, and believe it or not, after having lived and been raised there (1945-1957, plus three years at MCC) there were areas I could get lost save for the sparce landmarks I recognized. Amazing.
      I still have many cousins living there, on both sides of my family; ah yes, I should mention that my ancestors arrived there, on my father's side, in 1524, a bit later on my mother's side. E-mail and the 'net has reunited us all.

      Aside from Alex, now in Vancouver, BC, I've only been able to get in touch with two of my former classmates: Carolyn (Nelson)Hess in San Diego, CA, and Lucylee Chiles in New York City. be continued.... Robert Hijar (known locally[Memphis,TN] as BobbyJim)."

      "Alex" is Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, also an ex-MCC grad, 1964. He lives in Vancouver, B.C. and is a professional photographer.

      From his website (below), he writes,""I took this photograph in 1964. I entered it and two other photographs in the annual Mexico City College student art show. It is the only time I have ever entered photographs but my first prize and considering that the judge was Rufino Tamayo perhaps egged me on to my present profession. I took this photograph in Guanajuato, Mexico. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In August 2005 I returned with my wife Rosemary and granddaughter Rebecca. It was only then that I noted that my photograph was taken in an example of daring archtectural site-sharing. Over this building is the church of the Jesuits. It was the church of the Company of Jesus until the Jesuits were expelled from Mexico."

      His web site and photos:
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